Co-creating communities

Livingston is one of north Calgary’s newest communities and is an example of our unique community co-creation process. We started connecting with Livingston residents upon launching the community in the spring of 2017. Instead of simply asking residents where they wanted to live, we asked questions about how they wanted to live. It’s a subtle but significant shift that seeks to understand what people hope to achieve, experience and feel by living in a particular community.

Input from residents guided many decisions about how Livingston would be built, particularly with respect to outdoor spaces. Because residents told us how important outdoor gathering spaces were to their sense of belonging, we moved the construction of pathways and landscaping ahead so those important elements would be in place earlier. We decided to rethink the standard “tot lot” we had planned on in one of Livingston’s parks, based entirely on resident feedback. The new resident-influenced plan has three pergola-covered seating areas, four benches, a bowl-net sharing swing, zipline and tall slide. As well, through input from our residents, we designed and opened one of the first accessible parks in the city.