Meet Social Media Neighbour Day Winners

“The Ladies of Livingston”

Calgary Community Hub Ladies of Livingston

Pictured above: Left: Chantel; Centre: Olesya; Right: Erin

The story of how three neighbours became great friends.

In honour of Neighbour Day (which was June 20), we asked our Calgary Brookfield Residential community members and social media followers to share comments on their favourite neighbours. Five lucky winners were selected to receive gift cards to use for a neighbourly BBQ.

We received over 43 amazing and heartwarming stories about some of the wonderful friendships that have formed in Brookfield Residential communities. Two stories that stood out were from Chantel and Erin in Livingston. Alongside a third neighbor, Olesya, these “Ladies of Livingston” have formed a true friendship and bond. Their story is a great illustration of how having good neighbours can truly improve your quality of life.

Chantel, Erin and Olesya all had personal reasons for purchasing in Livingston, but connections to major roads such as Centre Street and proximity to the airport, as well as the future vision of the community were considerations they shared.

The three ladies live in a triangle formation with Olesya and Chantel living beside each other and Erin across the street.

In 2018, Oleysa’s father and Erin’s husband met in the park. Originally it was Erin and Olesya’s husbands that connected and became friends, but it wasn’t long before Oleysa and Erin bonded as well.

“I was the third wheel,” Chantel laughs. Chantel eventually also got to know Erin and Olesya as they chatted and became friendly.

“Living in a new neighbourhood, you feel like you have to open yourself up to meeting new people. I find that people are really open and friendly. They want to meet new people,” said Erin.

When asked about how the ladies first bonded, they all laugh and mention, “Wine?”

“Wine was the start, and then we found a lot of other similarities between the three of us,” said Chantel, “We're all very family-oriented, we're all very career-oriented, and in general we’re like-minded. We trust each other and can be open with one another.”

“We never plan our hangouts, we just text each other and ask ‘hey what are you up to?’ And we’ll get together within five minutes or an hour,” says Olesya.

“When you don't have anything to do over a weekend, or you're just hanging out at home and can walk across the street to go hang out and socialize, it's great. It's just easy,” adds Chantel.

The trio mentions that they have formed a bit of a friendship ritual, starting off the night at Chantel’s and using her pool, moving to the fire pit at Oleysa’s and capping off the evening in Erin’s backyard, which has a gazebo, where Erin’s husband will often smoke meat.

Chantel, Erin and Olesya mention that there are many small ways they have supported each other as friends and neighbours. Whether it is helping with lifting heavy objects, borrowing tools or watching each other’s children – they have each other’s backs.

For Oleysa, the impact has been even more significant. She moved to Canada from the Ukraine in 2008, and when she arrived she did not speak any English or know many people, making the transition difficult.

“Because I don't really have any family here, I do sometimes feel alone and to have good neighbours around me, it feels like a family. I can call them anytime; I can ask them for help; they're always there for me,” said Oleysa.

The Ladies of Livingston are truly #FriendshipGoals and #NeighbourGoals, and are much deserving winners of our Neighbour Day contest.

Brookfield Residential continues to engage residents and implement new initiatives to help neighbours connect. Here’s to great neighbours and great friends!